The Marilyn Monroe Story

This cabaret documentary portrays the story of Marilyn’s troubled life from her early beginnings to an untimely death – one to this day that is still clouded in mystery.

Through dialogue, dance and those famous songs, Jojo weaves intriguing insights and awkward questions throughout, getting under the skin of Marilyn and casting a new light on the well-worn screen legend.

She looks at her childhood, her career, influences, husbands, friend and lovers, using Marilyn’s songs to illustrate keynote events. It’s funny and sad. Questions are posed and left unanswered around her tragic death, aged just 36.

JoJo Desmond’s performance as Marilyn is superb.

This is an extremely well written, brilliantly performed cabaret/documentary.


Fans of Marilyn Monroe and anyone interested in what this Hollywood icon was all about won’t be disappointed by this show. The story is well researched and provides an excellent insight to her life that includes some shocking revelations that you may or may not have been aware of.

JoJo Desmond’s performance as Marilyn is superb, showing Marilyn’s naivety and vulnerability through observations and questions that are made throughout this story. You will leave the show being even more intrigued about the mystery surrounding her untimely death.

JoJo mesmerises the audience with her sultry, sexy voice. The songs have been well selected, fitting in well with each event happening in her life. Her performance is further enhanced by the excellently choreographed dance routines and wonderful costumes.

Reviewed by Lynn

What others said...

WOW, Sensational! Amazing show, really enjoyed last night.
Classy, Professional, a real delight to see you on stage.

It’s the highlight of the Festival for me, thank you so much.

Darren Corbin

Jojo is such a versatile performer and in this performance of Marilyn Monroe she shone bright as any star. A stunning performance with a crisp, clear moving story. She is a brilliant artist both acting, dancing and a stunning singing voice. Jojo is a must see star.

Joan Probert

What an absolutely stunning performance!! Loved this show so much.

Jojo was amazing, the mannerisms, character and charm of Marilyn are beautifully captured in this enchanting, thought provoking, entertaining and wonderful show.

The songs and dancing were fabulous and kept me riveted to the story and the ‘tour de force’ that is this Marilyn Story. Highly recommend this show to anyone.

Samantha Fisher

I’m so glad I was able to see this show. I think it is well written and beautifully performed.

There is enough good music sung by Jojo herself of course too to keep it from getting too heavy. She manages to convey the vulnerability and fragility of Monroe but doesn’t overdo it.

There were flashes for me where Marilyn Monroe literally shone right through the performer and into the room. Well worth going to this show.

Tom Ward